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Welcome to Dinamika,
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We develop highest quality software at below average cost. We do mobile, tablet, and desktop software development, consulting, and product end-user training.

We specialize in development tools and technologies for desktop, mobile, and the web. We do Microsoft, web development LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and other open source technologies for mobile devices - JQuery, Javascript, Node.js, PhoneGap and other.

We are experts in user experience (UX) software design for highly interactive mobile and desktop graphic user interfaces.

We develop platform solutions that can help any business run more efficiently. We provide business intelligence solutions that can help you better analyze your operations, customers, sales, and competitors.

 Finally, we make solutions that deliver these analyses through the matching and customized reporting solutions for business users and for other employee types in the company.


business software development

We provide solutions for the desktop and mobile that can usually not be bought in the store, or where the prepackaged solutions either do not exist or they do not adequately address all of our client’s critical business requirements.

This often happens because our clients might have a very specific business process or organizational needs, or because the business model they use is too unique, or yet because the legacy systems need to be preserved and efficiently integrated with the new software.

In all cases we fill the gap between what's already on the market and what can be done to optimize your business.

Whether you are a business, a government organization, an agency, or an educational institution, if you have any of the above business requirements, or think that we may be able to help with your software or your software and data based business process(es), then please contact us for a free consultation, request a bid for your project, or simply call us to get additional information about us and our services.

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