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"I found Dinamika to be a truly unique company. They have an almost perfect combination of creativity, knowledge, experience, and good price, and on top they were a big delight to work with."

                                  -- Bob Caruso, CEO --
                                 Retail Inovations, Ltd.

Dinamika Services Inc., is a business-software consulting, training, and custom development company. We opened our doors in year 2001 in Los Angeles California to continue the raging web revolution and to provide valuable business software services to technology concious customers.
What we saw in 2001 was that web and intranet databases and applications are going to continue to grow in adoption as well as in importance for businesses of all sizes and for the longest time to come.

In 2003, we added to the existing line of services also the full spectrum of business intelligence (BI) solutions for the small to mid-size business and which perfectly extend and complement our other activities. It was our response to an overall powerfull business trend as the amounts of business data collected and stored in databases have generated a need and an opportunity to analyze them and to generate quality reports that aid in any business decision making. With the introduction of SQL Server 2005 and the associated services from Microsoft, this vision has acquired a near perfect tool to make it a reality in an efficient and professional manner. SQL Server 2008 continues this trend.

In 2007 we became a SharePoint consulting company as well. SharePoint 2007 was a great product and our services complemented our other two practices. For more about our SharePoint 2013 offerings and what SharePoint can do for your company go to http://www.dinamikainc.com/sharepoint/.

2010 was the year of mobile. iOS, Android changed and expanded the landscape and us with it. We started to offer mobile development.

2014  and we opened a new divison focusing on ecommerce development, digital marketing, and consulting. Ecommerce is today a tremendously innovative field where technology plays a major role. Almost all our customers are engaged in some form of online sales or customer relations. Our solutions leverage technology and marketing in order to provide an optimal system. Visit our website at www.selltekpros.com for more details.

Looking into the future: Software will continue to play a decissive role between successfull and trailing companies. New devices, platforms, products, and services will continue to change our lives and we plan on being there and help our clients achieve a maximum success.

For seven years, since the opening, we kept our main office at the same Marina Del Rey location, close to the West side of Los Angeles. In 2008 we moved to Redondo Beach. Our customers come from a variety of industries and were so far as diverse as events management companies, K-12 schools and school districts, major national logistics companies, international computer training organizations, retail management, medical service providers, and other.
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