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"What is done out of love takes place beyond good and evil."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Our hourly rates* are anywhere between $40 and $120 per hour and depend on the services and experts involved. Please call us for details or if you are concerned about the total cost, request a fixed cost bid for your project.

*Hourly rates alone are not an indication of quality or of the total projected cost of project and software. What we provide is the highest quality service at an affordable price and a company which you will love to work with.

Fixed Bid vs. Hourly Pricing

We offer both, the fixed bid and the hourly pricing of projects. The obvious advantage of fixed bids is that project costs are known in advance to the client. Fixed bid however is only possible when project requirements are sufficiently known at the start of the project so we can accurately estimate the required amount of effort.

On any project, where the requirements are more or less discovered as you go, the hourly charging is much more appropriate. It eventually leads to a lower bill to the client because they don't pay for the (un)necessary protection in the bid. In most cases however, a project simply needs some upfront work toward more complete requirements, which enables us then to make a fixed bid if that's what is desired. Therefore, when possible, we recommend a combination of some upfront hourly work on business analysis and requirements and a fixed cost project thereafter.

Case for Made in the USA

Many often go for software development to other countries in an attempt to lower their cost; and it makes sense when projects are not strategic, timelines are flexible, and safeguarding intellectual property is not an issue. But there is also a strong case to be home based, right here in the US. We have the best schools, talent from arround the world who gained their experiences in the most advanced companies in the world and we have the most efficient work and business environment on the planet. On top, our commitments are enforcable, we communiate well, and we are able to come to your meetings.

At Dinamika Services Inc., a complete success is our only option; and to achieve it, we base our software development process on the following core values:
  1. To communicate with our clients as much as needed during, before, and after the project.
  2. To stay inside the committed budget and delivery deadlines are our strongest priorities.
  3. To safeguard our clients' trade secrets, data and other intellectual property as our own.
  4. To provide highest quality and innovative service at a reasonable price to all our clients.
  5. To stand by our work and provide support and upgrade options after the initial project is finished.
We, for these reasons, do work in the USA which is the best choice for projects where our clients' top priorities are guaranteed success, data and requirements security, confidentiality, timeliness, post project support, legally responsible vendor, and predictable costs. If you are still not sure, then please ask yourself whether you can afford after six months or a year of "lower cost" development to start it all over. None of our clients can.

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