Why SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Swiss-army knife of office organization, collaboration, and management. It extends the desktop Office software suite of products in ways that few can imagine until they can see it and try it. Office can be a single departmental office or in broader view, the entire business or enterprise. Most popular SharePoint features are lists of just about anything digital, document management, data collection, collaboration, resource search, and much more ... read the entire article.

Why Instructor -Lead Training?

There are plenty of resources to learn Sharepoint - books, DVDs, blogs, web sites, reading help files. But one stands out above all - the instructor-lead training. Live instructor keeps your attention and monitors how you are doing. If you don't understand something you can ask a question. In class there are other students with whom you can also confer about a given feature. The entire learning experience is just so much reacher, faster, and will retain more strongly. This all is so much more important when trying to learn SharePoint because SharePoint is a collaboration tool and you need other students to practice with. Sitting back and watching a DVD is one way but you are not doing it. Reading a book or a blog is boring - to most at least and lacks efficiency. A classroom with live instructor is by concensus the fastest and most effieicient way of learning SharePoint.

Why Train Using SharePoint at All?

We have all learned a software here and there on our own. Many have never taken an official training course in how to use Microsoft Office. We just started to use it and then if we had a problem we asked someone. This may be fine for some software but sharePoint is a collaboration tool. You won't use it alone. It is important that you learn proper patterns of collaboration or everyone tries to impose their own rules. Another good reason is that we don't really take advantage of a product if we only know a few things. good example from the past is Microsoft Access. It is an incredibly usefull and powerfull tool for saving and displaying almost any kind of data structure but few do it despite having the programm on their computer for years or they are using it in a wrong way. A 2 hour training would be enough to explain the basics of Access and to explain why and how it is different from Excel, but few ever make that step, despite the fact that their productivity would skyrocket if they ever spent those 2 hours. SharePoint is in same way a deceptively simple product that you can start using right away, but to be fully productive and collaborate you need to first learn some proper ways to  use it.

Why Train with Us?

There are two good reasons why our training is the best choice available.

1. We have experience teaching. Being a good developer or designer does not necessarily mean that you can explain it well to somebody else. We emphasize that knowing the subject and knowing how to teach it are equally important.

2. We have experience working with and designing SharePoint solutions for various types of businesses and we bring this experience to all our classrooms.

Third, and no less important reason is that this is all we do - we teach SharePonit, and we became good at it! Hope this helps- now fill out the form.

Best Regards,

Sven Homan

Instructor and Consultant