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If you need desktop, phone or tablet web application solution with some kind of database backend, then you came to the right place.

We provide business software solutions in the following areas:

business software solution
  • Phone and Tablet solutions: From apps to mobile websites, we can make your solution. Mobile is unique and requires specific expertise but at the end of the day it is still part of same ecosystem powering your company. Whether you need something unique on its own or a mobile extension of your existing platform we can do it.

  • eCommerce solutions: More an application area than unique technology it is nevertheless unique and requires specialized expertise. We make websites, online stores, mobile sites, payment, order management, inventory mangement, reporting, and other.

  • Industry specific operational software platform development: Every business wants an industry specific platform to be able to most efficiently run its operations. An events planning company needs an events management program, and the computer training company needs a courses, schedules, and participants management platform. Whatever business you are in, if you can not find the appropriate solution on the open prepackaged-software market, we can design and build a solution that will be just perfect for you and your business.

  • Business Intelligence Solutions Development: Business intelligence is a broad term that encompasses such areas as information gathering, data warehousing, OLAP analytical solutions, data mining, and reporting. If you need any of these functions specifically tailored to your business, we can help with the design, development, deployment, and training of end users. In this area we specialize in Microsoft Business Intelligence tools that are based on .NET and SQL Server 2008 and prior versions.

  • Intranet and Internet Web Application Development. EBay, Yahoo, and Amazon are all Web applications as well as the eCommerce web sites. Many corporate networked applications, such as human resources or project management applications, are today built as web applications and deployed on companies' intranet web sites. Reasons for this tectonic tehnical shift are the simplified maintenance and upgrades of the applications, access from the office, home, car, hotel rooms, client's location, etc... In summary, if you have data and proccesses that you would like you and your employees to be able to access anywhere through a web browser - we can help. If you need a database backed dynamic web site or an ecommerce web site, we can do it.
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