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"Genius without training is like gold in the mine."

- Benjamin Franklin

All software that we author comes with an excellent documentation, has well designed and intuitive user interfaces, and is full of direct and indirect tips for software end-users.

software training

End-User Training

Unfortunately, some do not have time to read manuals or to spend time learning on the job, some are faster learners by verbal communication and it sticks better in their brain that way, and some organizations want to be sure that every end-user received proper and formal training before leting them loose with using new software.

Whatever the reason, we can prepare and organize formal end-user training at your company or at some other training facility. As developers, we strongly encourage end-user training since the final success of any business software solution ultimately depends on the end-users’ ability to get the most out of the software by doing things properly and in the most efficient manner.

Training is also a good opportunity in itself for the end users and developers to share their thoughts and to provide each other with relevant feedback. When developers (that means us) are also maintaining and upgrading the software after the launch date, having such ties can be extremely valuable for collecting a relevant, sincere, and constructive feedback from users. With such feedback we are more likely to be able to suggest new improvements and also entirely new features which can be added in order to advance the existing solution.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our training. The best time to arrange for end user training is toward the end of the development project when the number of trainees, the desired location, the extent of training and also the training dates can be decided with a reasonable amount of certainty.

Sharepoint and Magento training

Two popular products that can make your company shine. Sharepoint is an all around collaboration tool for projects and shared depository of documents and other digital assets. Implement sharepoint and you will lift your organization to a new level. Benefits are too numerous to elaborate here and users should be trained on it to make the most out of this product.

Magento is an open source online store product, now owned by eBay, that belongs into the highest class of online store products. Its features, costs, deployment options and scalability make it stand out among many other products that attempt to do same but fail in one or more categories. Cost concious retailers with an eye for growth should not pass Magento as an option for their store platform. Once you have it, its administrators should be trained on how to properly use it. We offer end-user training that  will save you time and show you how to take full advantage of the product. Along with training we also offer services for Magento setup, deployment, configuration and any type of modifications.

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